Brain Quest for Preschool

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It's fun to be smart! Brain Quest is an educational, best-selling game designed around common core education standards for specific age groups. Brain Quest for Preschool is recommended for ages 4-5.

Perfect for home or classroom use, Brain Quest is a question-and-answer game that quizzes kids about the information they need to know, when they need to know it.

In this revised fourth edition, challenges come from alphabet puzzles, number quizzes, mixed-up stories and prices. For example, a child might be asked a question like, 'What number comes after 3?' Or, 'When you ride a bike, what should you always wear on your head?'

Brain Quest for preschool comes with 300 questions and answers, as well as a free storage bag. Ideal for travel, vacation, keeping up with studies during school breaks, or just for fun, Brain Quest is sure to provide hours of educational entertainment.