Emily Princess Baby Girl Christmas Doll

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Doll Description:


1) Real Baby Doll designed with care and love and dressed in her little Christmas outfit awaiting her little princess to take her home so that they can have lots of adventures. Comes wiht her own accessories and toys to keep herself occupy.

2) Material: Soft silicone vinyl.

3) Body: Cloth body with PP cotton, can't put in water.

4) Baby size: 24 inches about 60 cm

5) Eyes: High-grade acrylic eyes, full of confidence and wisdom, simulation eyelashes.

6) Hair: High quality pasted wig hair, long hair, 

7) Clothes: Tailored handmade clothes fit for her height, all printing, dyeing are attached to European and American specifications, and a number of fabrics are imported from abroad, non-generally crude.

8) Structure: Head, 3/4 limbs are made of silicone vinyl. import Germany BASF raw material. Safety production, non-toxic; doll limbs can be active, it can sit or lie,can not stand,speak or feed.

9) Package Content:Doll, clothes, magnetic pacifier, milk bottle,birth certificate,gift toy.