Children's Climbing Wall Stones Holds Hand Feet Starter Kit Rock Holder w/Screws

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Material: Plastic
* Made of high quality plastic material,durable, wear-resistant, not easy aging.
* Smooth edges and good touching feeling,will not hurt the child's hand.
* Helps children enhance physical increase children's balance, attention, coordination and correction
of muscle.
* Suitable to kindergartens, schools, amusement parks, underground classrooms, corridors, walls of
outdoor buildings and so on, are free to choose according to their preference (artificial artificial rock
walls, concrete walls, window walls, partitions, etc.).
Installation method: 
1.According to the child's age and height to set a reasonable installation distance.
2.With a drill drill in the wall drilled a 3-4cm hole.
3. Adjust the fulcrum to the correct mounting location and mark the location of the two holes.
4.Insert the inner expantion bolt to the pre-drilled hole.
5.Put the wahser into stone holes, and put the screw into the stone.
Package Includes:
32 x Climbing Wall Stones
1 Set Installation Screws
* In order to prevent the aging of the wall or children too exhausted to fall down, it is
recommended to lay the cushion under the wall