Thinking of Beach Vacation with your Baby or Toddler?

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As a parent, it can get quite hectic when travelling with kids.  As a mom of little girls, I learned that vacations are not about you!!!

If you want ME TIME- Keep the kids happy and you’ll have an awesome vacation. Here are a few tricks

  1. Children get bored very fast and loves eating! Put some of their favorites mixed with new and different snacks.
  2. As parents, we tend to pack our kids closet when we go on vacation and realized quickly they don’t need all the stuff. Pack Light! Get lots of swimwear and a few pieces of cute outfits. 
  3. If you are hanging out at the beach, pack some beach toys. Children can play on the beach and explore all day long, but most importantly they love having your full attention and hanging around you.  Get dirty and play with them too!
  4. Take a few treats for the hotel staff that cleans your room, they will treat your family like the Queen and King of the world!
  5. Mostly importantly, vacations are more about spending time with family and creating memories. Take pictures or pay a bit extra and get some professional one’s done! Your children will love to look back at this time and remember the good times.
And of course. Don’t forget to shop at our little boutique for all the cute stuff you need!  Have a super awesome vacation with your little darlings and message me with some of the fun stuff you did with them! I like

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