Road Trips with Kids!

Road Trips with Kids!


Finally as a family we have decided our oldest is long deprived of a vacation and an adventure! What better way to start her summer off than having a road trip.

Have any of your 2nd Grader had a Flat Stanley project where you send him around the world and he comes back with information about that country?

My daughter Flat Stanley went to Montreal and came back with lots of post cards that are beautiful and stunning and so our adventure begins.  A road trip from Toronto to Montreal and the best part, we let our oldest plan the route. What better way to make it more interesting and teaches her how to read a map? 

Here is a few tips for all our super parents, families and Grandparents travelling with little kiddos.


  • Car ride is a pain for kids especially those that have motion sickness and babies and toddler that cannot that cannot express how they feel. Except the frustrations of being confined, so they need entertaining and lots of it. 
  • Prepare and plan ahead of time! I prep 2 Bags, a Snack Bag and an activity bag for each of the kiddos that are age appropriate.  Make sure your activity bag have fun stuff, like stickers, new crayon and things that your little one enjoys doing. 
  • Make lots of stops in between so they can let out some energy. Yes it makes the trip longer, but isn’t it supposed to be an adventure not an emotional roller coaster.
  • The kiddos are noisy, loud and messy and love to annoy you which will surely give you a headache and that will make you run out of patience, so make sure to take some Advil before you start your journey, so you have a bit patience with them and enjoy the time with them. Remember, next year this time they will be a year older with different challenges. 
  • Just go with their flow. If they are restless, exit out to the nearest town, and make a short stop for them to let out some energy.  Have them do jumping jacks or a game of a Scavenger hunt.  With a quick snack, they will be tired enough to hopefully fall asleep.
  • Best of all have lots of FUN with your kiddos and not remember not everything needs to be planned. IT’S AN ADVENTURE!