How did you capture and create memories with your baby?

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How did you capture and create memories with your baby?

It’s such a special time in our lives when we are blessed with a baby and from birth to bringing baby at home is so exciting! This is why we want to create and capture these memories and hold them, because our brain can only hold so much information, we will one day forget what it is like to feel this way and the need to stop time for a moment and enjoy your baby before all the hectic begins moment is often a struggle.

Here’s a few tips of how to capture those moment’s forever.

  • Create or buy a Special Baby Box. A good size to fill up throughout the years with all their 1st.
  • Take lots of pictures of your baby, their little feet and hands etc. and please print them or get a photobook! In this age, we capture tons of photo but never really stroll back to them once that time is gone.
  • Add your baby bring me home outfits or their first hat in their box! This outfit can be passed down for so many generations. Check out our Magnolia baby Collections. They are made with the softest cotton, but last so many generations. All three of my children wore the same bring me home outfit, because today when I look at their outfit, It brings me back to the moment I held them first.
  • Cut a snip of their hair and put it in the box. It’s their first, the softness and silkiness of their hair. 
  • Write your baby a little note when you have a few moment and put it in their box. A note of what you envision their future to be.
Remember you are not only capturing their first moments with your baby but you are creating a box fill of love that will show them how much you love them when they open that box. When they grow up and reach specific age or go through teenager years, bringing out the box and show it to them, will make them feel so love and special!

My oldest kiddo’s baby box is filled with her lost tooth, tooth fairy coins, her first hat, letters I wrote to her before she was born, pictures of her etc. Whenever I pulled out that box for her to look at, she always walk away with a smile on her face and tells me how much she loves me. 

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